Sunday, November 21, 2010

Procedure Entry Indonesia Water For Foreign Vessel

This is the main question for the foreign owner or shipping company. Most of arrangement of the document for Indonesia water still undergo to Jakarta. HUBLA (Maritime Transportation) is one of directorate general under transportation minister.

Batam is the land under Indonesia Authority also still under supervision HUBLA Jakarta. Those entry vessel without any operation activity need to apply PKKA (permohonan keagenan kapal asing) this application should be attached particular of ship such:
                    1. Certificate Of Registry
                    2. Certificate Of Load line
                    3. Certificate Of Tonnage
                    4. Certificate Of Class
                    5. Certificate Of Cargo Ship Safety Equipment
                    6. Certificate Of Cargo Ship Safety Radio Telepony
                    7. Certificate Of Cargo Ship Safety Construction
                    8. Crew List
                    9. Cargo Manifest
Another application permit is PPKA (permohonan pengoperasian kapal asing), this application also should undergo to HUBLA as the official office as the creator of the paper. Started on January 2011 all application regarding on the vessel operation in the Indonesia water is freeze due to cabotage regulation applied in Indonesia.

In certain reason the PPKA still issued by HUBLA, most of permit given should support by official letter from the main charterer. We may manage both of paper for you if you have schedule visit batam water. Arrangement take time maximal 2 days working days.

Please contact us if you have query related to the both paper, of course in arrangement you should pass the agent appointment letter as the mandate in HUBLA as we act on behalf of you.

Please do not hesitate to call me to +628126109566 if you have query.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Batam in Overview

Batam has been steadily growing as an important maritime/offshore repair and new building center with its close proximity to Singapore and the main the east/west shipping routes. Highly qualified low cost manpower and high skill is available in Batam.

Batam has more then 40 shipyards in operation and is a center for porduction of offshore drilling equipment and platform. Most major supplier have office or representative in Batam ensuring readily available supply of most services and item required.

Things have not always been this way for 415-squire-km island. However, situated to the south of Singapore about 20 km away, Batam is one of 3000 island making up the Riau Archipelago which is nothing more then anchorages for ancient merchant boat that sailed between India and China.

 More then 80,000 vessel in average per year entry batam water, reason why they stay in Batam is :
     1. Laid Up for long term due to waiting project
     2. Repair 
     3. Waiting time entry Singapore port
     4. Fill in fresh water
     5. Bunker
     6. Others

If you are person in charge or shipowner whereby have plan in visit Batam, we may advice you what services of Batam provided in term of Marine Bussiness. 
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